The wrong roofer could cost you more than just poor craftsmanship.

What is required and what is the law?

Colorado is a “Premises Liability State”. This means that if someone is injured on your property, regardless of you have inviting them onto the property or not, you can be held liable for any injury resulting in medical bills, pain and suffering etc.

Most contractors have General and Liability Insurance, which protects you and your property if the contractor has an accident that causes damage to your property or to your physical self. It does not cover the actual contractor while they are on your property. Please confirm the contractor has Workman’s Compensation Insurance prior to any work being done or inspecting your roof. Only 20% of roofing companies in Colorado carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance due to the expense.

If a contractor gets hurt while working on your property and they do not have Workman’s Compensation Insurance or health insurance of their own, the hospital and doctors may seek recourse.  Have your contractor contact their provider and issue you a “Certificate Of Insurance” (COI) with you listed as the “Certificate Holder” for the time they are working on your property. The certificate needs to be issued directly from the insurance carrier to the holder. 

Denver Roof Pros carries the appropriate insurance to protect you from costly accidents in the state of Colorado.